Recently added candidates

Jon Howell
Clinton County, Michigan

Strengths: Hard working, attention to detail, prompt, responsible.

Bobby Holmes
Construction,Disability,Entry Level
Ingham County, Michigan

Strengths: Hard worker fast learner

John Matlewski
Disability,Education,Entry Level
Ingham County, Michigan

Strengths: Ability to follow detailed instructions.

Employers, Here is how we can help you

Beyond our Barriers (BOB) provides an online directory for you to find great talent for your business and help individuals with disabilities find a great place to work.

  • Important Point #1: This service is completely free for employers to visit and peruse for talent. However, if you would rather get notified when people join BOB, you can become a partner for a minimal fee.
  • Important Point #2: Not every applicant page will have a video resume when they are initially posted. However, many of them will get them shortly after.
  • Important Point #3: You will be required to accept Terms and Conditions before viewing applicant pages to ensure everyone involved is safe from accusations of discrimination.
  • Important Point #4: All videos are closed captioned. In order to see the captions, you will need to click on the "cc" button on the video player in the lower left hand corner.

Looking for a job? Here is how we can help

Beyond Our Barriers (BOB) is like your own personal marketing team, who works tirelessly to attract employers to view your applicant page and decide if you're a good candidate for the job they need filled. Simply create your page, upload a video resume if you have one, make sure you fill out all info as best as possible and submit it. Then, between our team and marketing tools, we will work to attract employers to view your page and get you employed!

  • Important Point #1: This service is totally optional, so if you don't feel comfortable being on a page specifically for people with disabilities, you are not required to join.
  • Important Point #2: Video resumes are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Important Point #3: There is a minimal fee for joining BOB, in order to pay for our team and marketing. If you cannot afford this fee, or the fee for a video resume, please contact us through the Contact tab, as we can likely come to an arrangement or sponsor your service.
  • Important Point #4: Users will receive a discount on services, when they refer a friend to BOB.