Available Candidates

Katherina Tachler
Education & Training,Hospitality, Tourism, Retail,Services - Misc

Strengths: Friendly, helpful, detail oriented, conscientious, hard worker

Quinn Ebner
Construction, Real Estate, Utilities, Trades,Education & Training,Health Science, Wellness

Strengths: Quinn is friendly to others and enjoys working. He likes to do things correctly and is very rule driven.

Noah McElrath
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail

Strengths: I am a hard worker and a good listener. I am kind, pay attention to details, and get along with everyone.

Rutherford Beard
Education & Training,Government, Public Administration,Hospitality, Tourism, Retail

Strengths: Communication and a drive to make others successful.

Jon Howell
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail,Services - Misc

Strengths: Hard working, attention to detail, prompt, responsible.

Steven Cook
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail

Strengths: Servsafe Manager certified, 1 year experience working in a cafeteria setting, additional year experience volunteering in a cafeteria setting.

Chase Boyer
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail

Strengths: I am a hard worker and once I learn my job tasks I am very independent. I ask for help when needed and am a good listener. I am always on time, have good attendance, and am willing to learn new tasks.