Quinn Ebner

Job Interests
Construction, Real Estate, Utilities, Trades
Education & Training
Health Science, Wellness
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail
Information Technology
Manufacturing, Design, Production
Services - Misc

20 hours per week


Seeking half day, after school or weekend employment. Can work increased hours during the summer months (mid June - late August)


Quinn is friendly to others and enjoys working. He likes to do things correctly and is very rule driven.

Work/Volunteer History

See attached resume for work/volunteer/vocational experiences.

Education/Training History

Quinn has attended Burger School for Students with Autism since 1998. See attached resume for work/volunteer/vocational training experiences.

Specific Accommodations

*An appropriate training period to learn the job/skill.
*Written instructions/checklist when appropriate.
*Staff follow up to assess job performance.

For help with accommodations visit https://askjan.org/

Transportation Needs

Transportation will be provided by the family or private support staff.

Explanation of Disability

High functioning autism.


Quinn enjoys swimming, exercising and cycling. He participates in Special Olympics. Quinn enjoys going to the movies, dances and doing activities with friends. He also enjoys volunteering at the local library.


Eric Selix
(734) 762-8470 ext. 9279

Bob M.
(734) 266-9300

Manager - Dollar Castle
Kathie Gladden
(734) 397-0999

Canton Public Library - Business Services/Volunteer Assistant
Denise Skopczynski
(734) 397-0999

Canton Public Library - Process Supervisor