Tanna Skaggs

Job Interests
General Business & Administration

20 hours per week


Employment, part-time at first, but eventually full time, as an administrative assistant.


* Positive outlook
* Determined
* Adaptable

Work/Volunteer History

October 2013 - January 2014 - Dollar General - Cashier, inventory and customer service.

April 2012 - October 2012- Peckham Inc. - Answered phones, answered questions about passports and transferring calls to different departments.

February - April 2012- Michigan Rehabilitation Services- Interned, working with the DNR doing spreadsheet work, filing and copying.

2007- Anthem College Online- Internship in Billing and Coding.

Education/Training History

2011- Colorado Tech University (Online)- Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Business Management
2007- Anthem College Online (Pheonix, Az)- Graduated with an Associates Degree in Billing and Coding

Specific Accommodations

* Large font
* Possible computer programs with voice commands
* Additional time to complete tasks

For help with accommodations visit https://askjan.org/

Transportation Needs

Depends on public transportation and SpecTran, so it's limiting for time and certain holidays.

Explanation of Disability

Visually impaired


Culture and Religion studies
Enjoys painting
Spending time with her family


Erica Johnson

VSS at Peckham
Steve DeBradander

Head Manager at Steven T. Mason Building for the DNR
Kate Marsh

Former case manager