Noah McElrath

Job Interests
Hospitality, Tourism, Retail

4 hours per week


A position at a grocery store collecting carts, stocking shelves, and bagging groceries.


I am a hard worker and a good listener. I am kind, pay attention to details, and get along with everyone.

Work/Volunteer History

Barry’s Bagels 2019-2020
• Responsible for restocking materials for sandwich prep, wiping down tables and chairs, prepping to-go coffee supplies and sugars, weighing and packaging licorice, and prepping bagels for baking.

Education/Training History

Huron High School 2017-2021
2727 Fuller Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

On Campus at Huron High School 2017-2020
• Responsible for collecting recycling for the building, sanitizing classrooms, and refiling pop machines.

Huron High School Coffee Shop 2019-2020
• Responsible for making beverages, taking and delivering orders, light cleaning, taking inventory, and counting money for deposits.

Specific Accommodations

I work best when I am shown what to do so I can learn new tasks. I am friendly and respectful to everyone, but thrive with independent work with clear directions and expectations.

For help with accommodations visit

Transportation Needs

Once I learn the bus system, I can use public transportation independently.

Explanation of Disability

Emotional Impairment


I am active in Special Olympics and bible study at my church.


Sue Thompson

Job Coach
Sue Bowes

Caseload Teacher