Disability Advocates of Kent County


The Independent Living (IL) Specialist will work closely with consumers, staff, interns, and volunteers along with community partners on a wide variety of activities to promote independent living and community-based services for people with disabilities.  Their two areas of focus will be to:


  1. Assist individuals with reaching their desired level of independence by supporting the development of an Independent Living Plan (ILP) to set and achieve goals, and provide documentation of all services to the consumer in a Client Information File (CIF).

  2. Provide direct information on and make referrals to programs and services (I&R), as the subject matter expert addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities in the areas of Housing and Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services.

Areas of Responsibility, Related Outcomes, and Essential Job Duties:


Individual Supports & Advocacy:  The IL Specialist will contribute to Disability Advocate’s mission of advocating for the needs of persons with disabilities and collaborating with organizations that provide services for individuals and families who have disabilities to remove system barriers and improve independence for individual consumers.



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