Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Beyond Our Barriers for Michigan (BOB4MI)?

The intention of BOB4MI is to give individuals with barriers to employment, a leg up by providing them with a video or digital portfolio, profile page with information about their skill set, work or training history, accommodations, etc. so employers can quickly and easily find individuals who'd fit well in the position they need filled. We then utilize marketing tools and our own internal team to recruit employers to visit the site. By utilizing all these tools together, you will have a better chance at finding the employment you want.

How Much is a Page on BOB4MI?

The price for an introductory page on BOB is free. However, added services, such as video/portfolio creation have a fee associated to them.

How Much Is a Video/Digital Portfolio?

The cost for a video or digital portfolio varies depending on the vendor you choose. Contact us for a list of pre-approved vendors or for a PDF of video guidelines if you choose to produce your own.

Must I Have a Video Portfolio/Digital Portfolio?

Yes. These tools bring an added element to your resume and help our clients increase their chances of desired employment.

What Happens When I Get Employed?

Once you secure employment, payment to BOB4MI stops immediately and your page will be made inactive. If you still owe any funds, your employer has the option to pay it off for you. If you ever need to return, your page can be made live again at that time and payments will resume.

What If I Decide to Leave BOB4MI Before Getting Employed?

If leaving BOB4MI is what you’d like to do, payment to BOB4MI stops immediately and your page will be deleted. If you still owe any funds, however, all payments will still be due.

Does It Cost Employers Anything To Search BOB4MI for Job Candidates?

BOB4MI was created to give employers another resource to find great candidates that are under represented in the workforce. Therefore, it is free for employers to come and search our website. However, sponsorship opportunities for videos and advertising opportunities are available if you'd like to financially support BOB4MI. If you choose to sponsor, you will added to our partner page.

Do you have a question not answered here? Contact us, and we’ll get you the answer ASAP!