To Disclose Or Not Disclose?


I would like to address the elephant in the room. When it comes to securing a job, should an individual disclose their disability? In my opinion, absolutely, yes. Every time. Why?

A job interview is just like a two sided affair. Yes, you need to sell yourself and your abilities to the employer, but don't forget, they also need to sell the company to you, so you want to work there as well.

If you disclose your disability to an employer, the only acceptable response is, "Alright. Let's make sure we can accommodate that so you can be successful here." If it's not, would you ever even want to work there? I sure hope not.

Value yourself. You have strengths, you have gifts and you have abilities. If someone isn't willing to help accommodate you so they can tap into your gifts, then ultimately, they are not worth working for.

Photo professional woman whispering into professional man's ear