About BOB4MI

Beyond Our Barriers for Michigan

Employment is such a integral part of our society. It's much more than simply a paycheck, it's a chance to be part of the community and it brings a feeling of purpose to life. Everyone, no matter their perceived barrier, should have an opportunity at that. That's why we created Beyond Our Barriers for Michigan (BOB4MI). BOB4MI is a marketing tool and clearing house dedicated to helping individuals with barriers to employment, get a leg up to find their sense of purpose in society. Utilizing online profiles, featuring dynamic video resumes, individuals are able to showcase their abilities and break through stigmas that a simple paper resume or even face to face interview cannot. Whether you're an individual representing yourself, an organization representing your client, or an employer looking for a strong candidate for your job opening, Beyond Our Barriers for Michigan is here, working tirelessly to serve you. Welcome.

About the Founder

Justin Caine is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities. Having disabilities himself, stemming from a cancerous brain tumor hemorrhage he had at age 10, he has struggled with many of the same issues many people with disabilities and other barriers to employment have faced. Today, along with Beyond Our Barriers, he also co-owns an award winning video production company, Good Fruit Video and has founded several other initiatives, including the BOOM Awards, an annual statewide award ceremony for people with disabilities, the Donna Jean Lowery Memorial Scholarship, helping a person with a disability pay for the costs of post-secondary education and Battlefield Brawl, a local flag football fundraiser for local charities. Justin works alongside other leaders in the state, serving on the State of Michigan’s Special Education Advisory Committee, the Committee on the Purchase of Goods and Services from Community Rehabilitation Organizations, and the Small Business Association of Michigan’s Leadership Council.

Justin also competes in Para-Athletics (F/T36) where he's been named a two-time All-American in shot put, long jump and 100 meter dash. He previously held the US Record in shot put (2016) and currently holds the US Record in discus (2015 - present).

Justin is married to his wife, Meaghan, and together they have two daughters, Felicity and Silas.